Gas Fires and Fireplaces

The regular inspection of gas fires and their flues are essential. If you are having ignition or performance problems with your fire, it will often be resolved with one ‘SERVICE CALL’ which would involve:-

  • Flue flow check and terminal inspection
  • Closure plate seal (if relevant)
  • Burner removal and clean
  • Ignition and safety device check
  • Ventilation requirements
  • Check for ‘spillage’ of combustion products and Carbon Monoxide
    Gas Fires have re-emerged as a focal point in many homes. We typically install 20-30 fires/surrounds each year. There are many, many types and models, which can be seen at various showrooms and DIY stores such as B&Q and Homebase etc.

    We are always available to survey your home if you are unsure of the options you have.

  • Gas Cookers

    If it’s clean it’s probably repairable. Most commonly, the oven is under/over heating; digital timers fail; ignition doesn’t work; more importantly safety devices are faulty or you think you can smell gas.

    Contact us – a short telephone conversation should establish the possible cause, the cost and whether it’s practical to repair.


    Bought a new cooker and need an installer?

    Contact us – we will quote verbally for this type of minor work.

    Water Heaters

    Gas multipoint water heaters – ‘Ascots’ as they were known – were the traditional means of instantaneous hot water delivery. Most are still repairable; alternatively, there are fairly straightforward replacements available in most cases.

    Warm Air Heating

    We are qualified to repair, service and replace Warm Air Units and will continue to do so, however their removal and replacement with a modern boiler and radiator system is often a safer, more efficient alternative.

    All work is certificated.