Power Flushing

Black, contaminated water and the build-up of sludge in boilers and central heating systems is the cause of breakdowns and low efficiency in many cases.

Boiler manufacturers will INVALIDATE your guarantee if the system water condition is responsible for any breakdowns on boilers under warranty.

Power Flushing is quite expensive, and is only good value if carried out THOROUGHLY!

For this reason, in most cases, we recommend a company called POWERFLUSH LTD. Visit pflush.com for all the information you need. They provide an excellent service, and the cost will be reduced when arranged via M. Burgess (Gas) Ltd.

Contact us, we can coordinate their visit with your boiler replacement.

The Powerflush Service:-

  • Inspect your Central Heating and assess current performance.
  • Identify problem areas in your system, such as blockages.
  • Recommend system modifications and upgrades if required.
  • Thoroughly clean rust and limescale from your central heating system
    using chemicals, magnet filters, vibration, infra red thermometers
    and PH & TDS meters.

  • Protect your system from rust by adding corrosion inhibitors.
  • Balance your system to optimise your boiler and radiators performance.
  • Provide you with a 12 month guarantee certificate.
  • System Water Treatment

    When installing new boilers, we always suggest inline Scale Reducers and Magnetic Filters for ongoing protection against corrosion.

    All work is certificated.